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What we were

Embarking on your own path is a choice you make, with all the best intentions and energy and ambition – as an independent it’s never an easy track, you have some luck, you have some idea and the pursue that.

We spent three long years working our proverbials off in order to create an office that was relaxed, fun, efficient, hardworking and one most of all that anyone who was part of it was happy to be there – not to just come to work everyday, but to actually be there, be a part of something thats not just another globally sponsored network agency. It was in the spirit of Agency republic, Poke, Work club and other creatively focusses, not to be subverted, Digital only shops.

And it worked. At least for the short term – in the end we were brought undone by a number of different things all culminating in the perfect storm and while hard work does a lot of things, sometimes it’s not enough. It wasn’t for us in any case.

That said, we succeeded in producing an enormous amount of work – across all spectrums of digital – and a lot of it was wonderful. We won a big (big) client at pitch, worked with several others through osmosis, partnered with some really wonderful people, launched careers, satisfied egos and mostly always with a smile and a laugh. There’s exceptions of course, but I prefer to dwell on the positives. Mostly.

We won awards at MADC, Oneshows and more. We helped people, we took on karma projects, and we tried things, lots of things that were (I could say risky) exciting, interesting, challenging. We launched content, we spread to publishing and we took pride on twisting humble banner ads to the extremes.

But, it’s all over now, maybe that’s for the best after all it might lost it’s way in time.


All of our showcased work is listed under the work some of it would naturally be switched off over time, and so be it, for that is the nature of things.





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We are a Digital Creative Agency. We do things others won’t. We are bold thinkers, who do. We’re especially gifted at Art Direction, Creative Technology, Design, and Production of all things digital - things like Advertising, eDM’s, websites, problem solving, platform & application development (digital solutions to new problems). We can make anything for any purpose, using things like servers, CSS, flash, words, pictures and film. We are a team of real skilled people who prefer to lead from the front, to approach problem solving with a “what could we do attitude.”

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