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We're royally happy in the studio to be celebrating the long weekend, have a good one. A Bit Liked  The Bazaar - A marketplace to buy and sell creative objects. Presented nicely in a the oh-so-hip style of Pinterest. Terrible Twos - Our very own designer Jack Fowler collaborated with SouthSouth West in the Desktop curated exhibition Terrible Twos. We went down to celebrate his achievement on Thursday night at No Vacancy gallery, where all the work was being auctioned off for charity. Well done Jack! Smile - Perfect holiday, by Karim Rejeb - A cute, happy stop-motion video that just works. The new Foursquare - Let's face it the location-based app needed an overhaul, dying numbers and other apps encroaching on their territory. Luckily the guys didn't lie down and take it they've come back bigger and better. There's discovering things about your city, timeline-esque layouts and more. A Bit Learned Sometimes people do have exactly the same train of thought as you... Linked in could well be the 2nd most popular social network in Australia. We really really do want a mini-pig. 32 innovations on their way.        

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  Welcome to the start of what will become regular weekly updates on all the ideas, launches, products and info that have kept us going in the studio as winter firmly sets in. A Bit Liked Aherk - A goal setting service by which you blackmail yourself with compromising images. You set your goal and deadline - if you don't achieve it Aherk will upload said picture to your facebook - thus humiliating you. Genius. Schemer - 'You're looking diabolical' - so said schemer when we logged in...It's a site built for discovering what happenings are kicking off in your area, but it's got quite a neat little interface and if you really like being active and doing stuff it's useful for making your own  schemer lists. Indcredible Things - A nice blog for discovering unique bits and bobs. We especially like their focus on Incredible Pinterest Boards. House Beautiful's Pinabble Issue - Making it easy to Pin straight from a magazine House Beautiful have created Pinabble content in their issues through an app. Linking the physical to the virtual has become more recognised as one of the most compelling ways to engage people let's see if this one takes off. A Bit Learned


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Whoever said good things come in twos was lying like a rug. From left to right, please give a warm n' fuzzy welcome to... Jo, our new Head of Content for Maybelline New York. Creative story teller and former features director at Cleo Mag, Jo recently returned to balmy Melbourne after writing & styling her way around Sydney the last few years. Jack, our man in the middle/Junior Designer/groover will be part of the team for the next 12 months from Swinburne's IP program. And to the right we have Zia. Our new Senior Digi Producer from the UK. She has an amazing collection of one-sies. We love her. Our master plan is working... (evil laugh).

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byo marshmallows

Tobes has done a stellar job installing our new wood fire. The studio smells like redgum and is super toasty. Reminds me of winter at nan's house in country NSW, but without that mothball smell (bless). Everyone's invited over for a cup of cocoa!

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Xmas cards

Finally. And for xmas. A little gift from the lovely people at Studio On Fire. They're beautiful, thick and red lovingly letter pressed. If anyone would like one (only), email us at talk@abitlikethis.com and we'll snail them across - or even better drop by and we give you one for free. Here's some extreme closeups (note the red edge - seriously, we got the edges printed. Like amazing... :)

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What's news?

All sorts of things really & listed in order: 1. Big project going live in a few weeks for "that" client, although unless you're into insurance &/or finance you might not ever get to, oh well. 2. Lost of smaller Hugh-like projects rolling out. Many thanks to Benji (he'son the right there >>) 3. There's a couple of juicy projects coming out of the UK as well, so thats very very exciting... ...and if with a bit of luck 4. we may well be looking at more bums on seats in here at the Blackfactory. So if anyone is interested in working on fun and super interesting projects like none other you've ever seen before then email me (tobie@abitlikethis.com) and we'll see what we can do about most of that promise. tc

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Acoustic Thursday

Lee's travelling today so I'm indulging myself in a little acoustic-ish pleasure, hoping it might keep me warm in a heartfelt kind of way. So far it's the slow ones, lonely music I guess. And working to something a little more substantial. And so the rest of the day is Blues, Blues Blues - many of which I can't find on last FM They sound super amazing on my new Grado's

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Tobie got a new chair

Those white replica Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Chairs are super, but they make your ass sore after about an hour. I've upgraded to another Eames "replica" - the Padded Management Chair - and I have to say it's pretty good: chair I did go and cost out the original, fair play and all that: eames_chair but the price was the big factor - high side of $3000 AU, the replica (with an additional gas lift and in good quality italian leather) a mere $640 AU including delivery. You can get them from life interiors.

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