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Maybelline M:Edition

Wow. Around a year ago we pitched a big idea into a potential new client. It was ambitious, it drew upon all of our cumulative skills and the outcome is the biggest piece of work we've ever undertaken - while the reader (you) might only see a digital magazine delivered to where you are, in a format friendly to where you are, and with a great range of researched, beautifully prepared, relevant words, pictures and film. Well, it's actually a whole lot more than that. From the agencies' and our clients' perspective, this is a platform to take a brand forward boldly into a future of fulltime engagement. It's adaptable, readable, interactive, shareable, regular and expandable. It's M:Edition. Thank you Jo, Stormy, T, Al, Z, Cassie, Nat, Lauren, Cath, Mads, Wil, Jack, Paul, Josh and of course our friends over at Ortolan. (Big moment, take a look).  

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A thousand or five

We did this. Yes, we're responsible (in a big part) for this. And we love it. We did it for Right Angle with Karl and Craig. Thanks to our team Stormboy, Eski, Alex, Benji, Wil, Nat, Dani, Katya, Simone, Rob, Ben, Ben, Hamish & Katie. With a special ones to Nadia, Rachel, Barrie, Chris and Frunch. I'd expect that, not unlike a doting mum welcoming back their now mid- teens daughter complete with ink and holes from exchange over in iceland/germany/scotland there's a few oh dears, and ums. And, we'd also expect that over a short period of time the new/faster/better cataloguing, sorting, finding, editing and other fun features will settle and the whole experience of the thousands will remain the park where all the cool kids come to play. Like, no-one ever grows up?  

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Who’s in?

We need seats for bottoms, always have. We're about to order some nice new chairs to replace the motley lot we've acquired over the past 2 very busy years. As a result of this we need bottoms - or even better, peoples. We need Smart suits, Producers, Creatives, Designers and Dev's of all levels. Not for all the time necessarily, but at least for some and maybe more. Send us an email , hit us up on the fbook, tweet tc @tobiec or if you're oldskool call 8644 2663 Who's in?  

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Hecho en Mexico

We've just pushed a little job live today, it's a baby one -  a little contra jobby. Mandy at Amor y Locura has exclusive access to these amazing classic Bogart-with-cigar-Margarita-in-hand range of super comfy chairs available online here at her new buy from the page because big cartel didn't work website. It's amazing what the offer of free supercool furniture will do for people. Hugh takes some photos, Tobie mixes up a quick layout,  Benji rolls out a WP template, Alex ties up a quick calcuation in Javascript and Roberto's your Tío.

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We’re claiming it as a win for abitlikethis

Friday night at the MADC awards saw us claim the first cast in steel with a shimmy of bronze "award" for us here at a bit like this for in the best website category -  Yay yay fkn yay. I say "claim" as technically the award was for M&C Saatchi, however I can assure all folk that indeed the awards protagonists were in fact Tobie C for Creative Direction and Conceptual Dev consulting at M&C, Design and refinement AJ Lawang with Greg Fiske (in house at M&C) and two ABLT-esque gentlemen Rhys Sullivan (with a bit of Jemi) for the programming. And here it is: Therefore and with good reason we're claiming it a bit, which makes us all a bit happy. Full list of the nights recipients here:

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What's news?

All sorts of things really & listed in order: 1. Big project going live in a few weeks for "that" client, although unless you're into insurance &/or finance you might not ever get to, oh well. 2. Lost of smaller Hugh-like projects rolling out. Many thanks to Benji (he'son the right there >>) 3. There's a couple of juicy projects coming out of the UK as well, so thats very very exciting... ...and if with a bit of luck 4. we may well be looking at more bums on seats in here at the Blackfactory. So if anyone is interested in working on fun and super interesting projects like none other you've ever seen before then email me ( and we'll see what we can do about most of that promise. tc

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Hugh Peachey Photography: Live

We've just launched a new site for Hugh Peachey Photography. Hugh does good work - so it's very exciting. hugh1 It's modest yet functional, it's about the photography after all, built on the wordpress framework. Many thanks to Benji for the build and smart use of Java-tech to keep it all looking swanky, and to Hugh for keeping it simple and clear. Lovely - now we celebrate.

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