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Maybelline M:Edition

Wow. Around a year ago we pitched a big idea into a potential new client. It was ambitious, it drew upon all of our cumulative skills and the outcome is the biggest piece of work we've ever undertaken - while the reader (you) might only see a digital magazine delivered to where you are, in a format friendly to where you are, and with a great range of researched, beautifully prepared, relevant words, pictures and film. Well, it's actually a whole lot more than that. From the agencies' and our clients' perspective, this is a platform to take a brand forward boldly into a future of fulltime engagement. It's adaptable, readable, interactive, shareable, regular and expandable. It's M:Edition. Thank you Jo, Stormy, T, Al, Z, Cassie, Nat, Lauren, Cath, Mads, Wil, Jack, Paul, Josh and of course our friends over at Ortolan. (Big moment, take a look).  

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byJoost part 2

It's always a challenge delivering good things for great people. We've been working hard to develop an online presence for byjoost for the past few months with a view to what might come as much as representing all that has been. it's tricky, but it's working - archives, whats new, online store launching in a few weeks, developing areas of a business and a suite of restaurants all combine into a neat, simple workable thing.   And thats what we're calling it. a thing for Joost, by Abitlikethis.

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We won something.

Friday night saw the annual MADC show and whilst there wasn't any food on offer (reportedly), there was a silver in Best Community Service/Charity Digital for BannerAid. This is Rhys and Warren picking it up looking all happy, and scared at the same time. We've got a post about it here: This was the submission vid, that tells more than I can write - it's got moving pictures etc..  

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A thousand or five

We did this. Yes, we're responsible (in a big part) for this. And we love it. We did it for Right Angle with Karl and Craig. Thanks to our team Stormboy, Eski, Alex, Benji, Wil, Nat, Dani, Katya, Simone, Rob, Ben, Ben, Hamish & Katie. With a special ones to Nadia, Rachel, Barrie, Chris and Frunch. I'd expect that, not unlike a doting mum welcoming back their now mid- teens daughter complete with ink and holes from exchange over in iceland/germany/scotland there's a few oh dears, and ums. And, we'd also expect that over a short period of time the new/faster/better cataloguing, sorting, finding, editing and other fun features will settle and the whole experience of the thousands will remain the park where all the cool kids come to play. Like, no-one ever grows up?  

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IAB runner up

Banner+Aid's done quite well. We've just found out this morning that it collected 2nd place in IAB's Creative Showcase awards behind Droga's Cascade - Brewed by Feel.  Good on us I say - especially to the time Rhys and Stormboy put in to getting it up and running - and Russ Tucker and the guys at Tequila for their enthusiasm and ideas. Funny what an idea can do, rather than a big budget. This is a free project - one for others.  

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Over the past 24 hours we’ve come up with one hellava sweet, uber simple and cost free way for the online community to get behind the Red Cross and help them support those affected by the Japanese Quake and Pacific Tsunami. Banner+Aid is a not-for-profit messaging tool that enables flash banners to be labeled with a special corner that expands to reveal messages for charity. It's a perfect way for worthy causes to piggyback on paid for media without cost and a way for business and media buying companies to show support for people in need!

Check it out below and help spread the word guys.
(click here for the full press release)

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Xmas cards

Finally. And for xmas. A little gift from the lovely people at Studio On Fire. They're beautiful, thick and red lovingly letter pressed. If anyone would like one (only), email us at and we'll snail them across - or even better drop by and we give you one for free. Here's some extreme closeups (note the red edge - seriously, we got the edges printed. Like amazing... :)

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fbStatus – Our first Jquery plugin

Just completed our first Jquery plugin. Often we need to display a clients facebook status on a project and while there's a great Jquery plugin for Twitter that does this called Tweet there isn't anything for Facebook. Inspired by the code written by Pretty Klicks we wrote a simple little plugin called fbStatus. Plans in the next revision will be to more of the features found it Tweet. Get your hand's on it at the Jquery repository, see it running here or fork it on Github.

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Hecho en Mexico

We've just pushed a little job live today, it's a baby one -  a little contra jobby. Mandy at Amor y Locura has exclusive access to these amazing classic Bogart-with-cigar-Margarita-in-hand range of super comfy chairs available online here at her new buy from the page because big cartel didn't work website. It's amazing what the offer of free supercool furniture will do for people. Hugh takes some photos, Tobie mixes up a quick layout,  Benji rolls out a WP template, Alex ties up a quick calcuation in Javascript and Roberto's your Tío.

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We’re claiming it as a win for abitlikethis

Friday night at the MADC awards saw us claim the first cast in steel with a shimmy of bronze "award" for us here at a bit like this for in the best website category -  Yay yay fkn yay. I say "claim" as technically the award was for M&C Saatchi, however I can assure all folk that indeed the awards protagonists were in fact Tobie C for Creative Direction and Conceptual Dev consulting at M&C, Design and refinement AJ Lawang with Greg Fiske (in house at M&C) and two ABLT-esque gentlemen Rhys Sullivan (with a bit of Jemi) for the programming. And here it is: Therefore and with good reason we're claiming it a bit, which makes us all a bit happy. Full list of the nights recipients here:

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i like stamps.

Walked into a wonderful surprise yesterday evening - a little boxed up package with 4 first class stamps, containing: So much fun - already i stamped with LIKE: - myself for self assurance (no.. on the 'hand') - annelise's notepad (she has good ideas) - amanda's letter so when she opened it it wouldn't be a bill or something - John's desk just because he's a good guy - & Fu And with dislike: - the ugly suspension notice from  t e l s t r a (k&*&nts) - The grapefruit I tried to east for breakfast. Even thinking about going back to snailmail for invoicing just so I can add that hand crafted personal touch to each bill. Because I LIKE billing. via: NATION [uk]

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We're working through a large project for one of our bigger clients out of UK - it's quite a complicated private app & Stormboy's been building it from the ground up... Here's what he sent about today as to an update on work completed so far.

172 classes 1,395 methods 15,664 lines of code

and that is just the Java code. Slow clap, mouth open.

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Bring it on – part 2

So what is it we do, now/today, @Abitlikethis? All the things we wanted to be doing which is lots, and lots of different things. Things like all the standard stuff and things yet to be. Digital things mostly. Things like big content driven websites, learning portals, small visual folio sites, Banners & specialized never before seen tools to make your own, E-Marketing bits, games, thinking and playing. Social things, things which engage and connect. The things that you wanna get up in the morning for as a provider and consumer. At our core we are a creative agency who understand how it all works & who to work with to get it done. We've removed the expensive parts like account management to leave the decision making to the real decision makers - so all of us can work directly with the thinkers and do-ers to cut out any translation errors. Here it is in pictures, as a previous post: And fortunately, we know the best of them about. Overall the next 12 months will see us here at Abitlikethis providing the latest digital planning and strategies to clients who are looking to embrace that rampat & fickle digital audience, and delivering cutting edge ideas and exectutions within to that audience be it through online, mobile, iTV, Gaming or outdoor and other. Why not come with us?

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project Launch: Vintage Posters Only

sammy Hey hey, we've just finished a project for the poster king - Sam Johnston, of  Vintage Posters Only in Armadale, down here in Melbourne town. It's a twist on the traditional blog backend, Benji (working has magic all over the place) turned out another masterpiece. If you like your wall art, take a look there's sooooo many posters it's crazy, and with special scrolling features it's a piece of cake to use.

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Hugh Peachey Photography: Live

We've just launched a new site for Hugh Peachey Photography. Hugh does good work - so it's very exciting. hugh1 It's modest yet functional, it's about the photography after all, built on the wordpress framework. Many thanks to Benji for the build and smart use of Java-tech to keep it all looking swanky, and to Hugh for keeping it simple and clear. Lovely - now we celebrate.

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Tobie got a new chair

Those white replica Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Chairs are super, but they make your ass sore after about an hour. I've upgraded to another Eames "replica" - the Padded Management Chair - and I have to say it's pretty good: chair I did go and cost out the original, fair play and all that: eames_chair but the price was the big factor - high side of $3000 AU, the replica (with an additional gas lift and in good quality italian leather) a mere $640 AU including delivery. You can get them from life interiors.

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