We’re a bit like a great big no-holds-barred, so-what-if-nobody’s-done-it-before ideas factory.

It’s that time of the week again – happy weekend everyone.

A Bit Liked

Fujitsu Labs Colour Frame app -  An app that monitors the users skin condition over time, enabling them to assess how well that skincare regime they’ve been adhering to so strictly (uh huh) is really working out, we think this could be extended in some really smart ways.

Coke’s Stretchy Hand - A bit gimmicky but some nostalgic fun nonetheless. Always interesting to know about when big brands invest money into this kind of thing.

12 Things Inspired by Avengers – We haven’t seen the movie yet (speaking of which we will only be watching movies in the most amazing cinema experience in the world from now on) but the blockbuster comic/ film series has inspired all-sorts from awesome nail art to wacky eye make up and cool looking lamps. We love the idea of taking inspiration from something and applying it to your own style.

Anytouch - We damn near freaked out when we saw this, turn any object into an interactive experience, just watch!

Instagram Camera – A real life Instagram camera, so covetable. This design has been floating around for a bit but now the Italian designer that came up with it has it up on indie-gogo for funding! Contribute so it gets made for real and we can all get one (thanks Dani)

A Bit Learned 

  • Having lots of money really doesn’t make you any nicer.
  • Applying every Instagram filter to your photo gets you this.
  • Sailor Jerry (the tattooist) was a crazy but creative old codger and Sailor Jerry’s (the Rum) tastes quite nice with Appeltiser. Thanks for the party, Sailor Jerry’s and Curious Film.
  • About some more companies tapping into the Quantified Self Movement we have been fascinated with for the past 6 months and why some people are totally against it.



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