We’re a bit like a small & energetic fifth-grader who hasn’t yet given up on the notion that nothing is impossible.

What we do #2: Who does it, sort of


I’ll begin by crediting Andy, Pat and Martin o’er at Workclub for the “approach” – because i know they’d appreciate that, our is a little more angular perhaps…

The chart above is a view to what we can do and do do here from hq at the Blackfactory. It includes the other guys in the studio outside of us at a bit like this, and i just think it’s lovely that all tehse wonderfully talented folk are about and available.

I left out project managers, and producers because that a part of everything we do and is sometimes/mostly/all-the-time covered by those in the chart – we add it to estimates in case you’d need a breakdown anyhow.

So if you think you might need any of that, then we’re right here.


oh, and if you’re into segmenting and simplifying here’s a key (colour = type):


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