Amazing Guinness Extra Ordinary Records

Longest Distance Walking

The distance of longest walks on the hot plates was a record made by Florian Silbereisen who was a TV presenter and he was live on TV for broadcasting. He achieved this record on October 15, 2011 in Germany. He is a presenter who is quite famous and also a musician who make tours of his TV series which is very famous stage version.

Longest Sword Swallowed

A sword of 58 cm was swallowed by Natasha Veruschka in USA on February 28, 2009.

Most Needles Inserted into the Head

Wei Shengchu inserted 2, 188 needles in the head in China and set a record for Guinness Book. It was made in Istanbul in Rekorlar Dunyasi on June 11, 2013.

Long Distance Keeping a Table Lifted with teeth

Georges Christen made a record of lifting table with his teeth which was 11.80 m and he covered a distance of 12 kg by lifting this heavy table by placing a person over it of weight 50 kg. It took place in Spain in Madrid on February 9, 2008.

Fastest Time to Burst Three Balloons with the Back

Julia Grunthel has a made a record of bursting three balloons in 12 seconds only in Germany, Zlata and it was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record. It was recorded on November 23, 2007.

Most Drinks Cans Broken with a Whip in Three Minutes

Adam Winrich made a record of breaking most cans by a whip in 3 minutes on April 11, 2009 in Milan of Italy. It happened at the set at the show “Lo Show Dei Record”.

Most Piercing in a Lifetime

The skin was first pierced in 1997 in the month of January. Elaine Davidson is the one who has got pierced around 4, 225 times on June 8, 2006.

Jewellry was continued on adding into her face which increased her striking look and colored her doing her makeup and she also wears streamers and feathers in hairs.

Most Apples Held in One’s Own Mouth

Preacher Maud’dib achieved a record of holding maximum apples in her own mouth for 18 minutes in London in UK on July 5, 2014. She cut them chainsaw in only 18 minutes and made a world record.

Most Tattooed Man

Lucky Diamond Rich is the person who is famous for having the multi layers of tattoo and he has spent more than 1, 000 hours in modifying his body through many of his tattoo artists. He was from Australia, New Zeeland.

He started collecting colorful designs of tattoo from the world and made tattoos on all over her body. He even colored his eye lids with black ink and also the gums and ears and the whole body is tattooed like black. Some of the body parts are tattooed and the rest of the part is colored with black ink. 

Evolution Of Iphone Camera

The favorite brand of smart phone for most people, the iPhone is popular for its beautiful user interface, its large quantity of available apps, its long-lasting battery life and its stability. The camera in new iPhone is so high end that pictures taken from it are breath-taking and seems life-like. But the things weren’t so sunny and smooth always, the first iPhone that was released back in 2007 had a mere 2.0 megapixels camera in it. And every one of us knows how the mere 2.0 mega pixels cameras work. It has grainy picture via vshare app  was less light in compare with ifile app. Still the iPhone was a new thing for people these days so it was a huge success, despite the low-end camera.

After that, there was the new iPhone 3G, and the main feature of the new iPhone 3G was brand-new  3G connectivity, 3G and 4G connectivity was all the hype in those days so once again, no else gave much though and attention to the iPhone camera, which was once again, that grainy and less luminescent, 2 megapixels camera. Later, followed the iPhone 4, this was called an A+ upgrade in the whole lineage of iPhones by its former CEO Steve Job. I Phone 4 made many great improvements in the department of Camera. I Phone 4 have 5 megapixels camera with improved zooming capabilities. That camera also came with LED flash light; this 5 megapixels camera is capable of making pictures and videos at 720p. I Phone 4 model was also the first model in smart-phone lines to have a front camera. In 2011, Apple released iPhone 4s, even though, its main selling point was the introduction of Sire, highly sophisticated AI program, it didn’t outshine the fact that iPhone 4s had 8 megapixels of camera. This camera was capable of shooting pictures and videos at 1080p and had 73% of additional exposure to light. In the iPhone 5, apple used the same 8 mega pixels camera that it used in the iPhone 4s, but still experts were able to add some additional features like low-light performance and adjustment in very shiny atmosphere and 40% faster photo capturing rate. Front facing camera in iPhone 5 supported videos making in 720p. Also, APPLE used sapphire glass for the first time to cover the lens of both front and back cameras. Sapphire glass prevents screens from getting scratches. Camera in iPhone 5 also supported macro and panoramic photography.

Next comes the iPhone 5s, and like its previous model, this iPhone also had an 8 megapixels rear camera. Even though, it had additional features like large aperture, improved color balancing and improved ability to auto-focus. It also had the ability of 10fps burst mode and slow motion video capturing mode at 120 fps. Last in the list is the latest model of iPhone, iPhone 6 has a back camera of 12 megapixels with dual LED and a front camera of 8 megapixels. This camera is able to shoot 1080p HD videos and pictures at 60 frames per second and slow motion video capturing at 240 fps. This camera is by far the best that is used in the whole iPhone series.

Why the World Would End Without best vacuum sealing bags

It can be a conjunction with other storage method while sealing them. For example, you can vacuum seal dry food stuffs and then as a supplementary barrier, seal the vacuum packed goods in a heavy duty bags. Many variety of peppers can also use vacuum sealed pouches to make smaller and more usable food storage amounts and then store it for after use. Another way to store food using vacuum sealed foods is in the freezer which is mostly in practice in many of house. Freezer burn is excluded, because foods no longer become dehydrated from contact with icy and dry air.

When freezing packages of liquid and foods, many people may run into the several problem of liquid getting sucked back into the vacuum machine. Thus you can avoid this by fillingthe vacuum bags and freeze it without sealing. Seal once the matters are solid and they won’t leak.

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  • FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

What we called vacuum sealing packaging in a Special Bag?

Vacuum sealing is a special sort packaging that called “Reduced Oxygen Packaging”, that is also known as ROP. This sort of packaging methodsignificantly slows down decay of food sources by decreasing atmospheric oxygen, so that limits the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi in thus way.

Andit also stops the dehydration therefore, through this storage method you can easily store dried foods in pantry so that vacuums sealed bags wouldn’t let your food crushed and the frozen foods are prolonged by creating anairtight seal similar to the seal that occurs during the canning process.

Keep in mind! Vacuum sealing is not the for the refrigerator or freezer storage of foods:

Vacuum sealing is often used in grouping with other packaging process and food processing systems. Please keep in mind that vacuum sealing in some plastic bags is not an alternation for the heat processing of home preserved foods, neither it’s a replacement for the refrigerator or freezer storage of foods that would otherwise require it.

Why vacuum sealing bags are demanding part of the kitchen:

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Amazing Eat Records in Guinness Book

  • Largest Samosa

The largest samosa which was of weight 110.8 kg was created by Bradford College in UK. They achieved this target on June 22, 2012. The length of this samosa was 135 cm and the width was 85 cm and the height was 29 cm.

  • Largest Bubblegum Bubble Blown

Chad Fell was the one who blew the first bubblegum which had a diameter of 50.8 cm and he blew it up without the use of his hands. He made this record at Double Springs High School in USA on April 24, 2004.

  • Largest Bowl of Porridge

The weight of the largest bowl was measured as 1, 380 kg and this record was made by Flahavan’s in the Waterford Harvest Festival in Ireland on September 16, 2012. He made the largest bowl of porridge in the city of Ireland.

  • Most Ice cream Scoops Thrown and Caught in One Minute by a Team of Two

Gabriele Soravia has made the record of throwing most ice cream scoops in the air and then caught them in one minute. He caught the maximum of 25 scoops in one minute. He made this record in Germany in Cologne on September 1, 2007.

  • Most smarties M & M’s Eaten in One Minute Blindfolded Using Chopsticks

Ashrita Furman is the one who has achieved this record of eating the most M & M’s in only one minute. The total count of these smarties was 20 which was achieved in London on December 8, 2011.

  • Largest Cake Sculpture

The largest cake was designed by National Association Cake Designers of Italy which was made for the first time on October 15, 2015. The measurement of the cake is 16.46 m x 13.96 m.

  • Most Expensive Fungus Species

Tuber Magnatum Pico has designed the most expensive fungus in the world. It was of 3000 US Dollar. It was designed for the first time in Croatia and the species was located in the trained dogs house.

  • Most Expensive Hamburger

Juicy Foods designed this hamburger which was the most expensive one in the whole world. It was of 5000 US Dollars. It was based in Corvallis and it was the Food & Ovations services given by them. It took place on July 2, 2011.

  • Most Big Macs Consumed

Donald A. Gorske consumed a total of 26, 000th McDonald’s on October 11, 2012. He was from USA and ate too many hamburgers which were a great achievement of this man. It made him a part of Guinness Book of World Record.


Pressure Washer Reviews For The Beginners

The pressure washer releases the good flow of water that is fair enough to remove the filth, dirt and stains easily. The most important job is to find the best pressure washer that is good enough to give you better performance and meet all the standards of cleaning requirements. To find the best pressure washer for the beginners is a bewildered task and this article will help you to buy the best pressure washer. There is a very wide variety of pressure washers in the market for us to choose from today.

There are four main types of pressure washers that are more efficient for house and business for cleaning purposes. These four types are different in its structure but are used for cleaning purposes. The petrol drive is relatively low in price and has the capacity to produce the high powers. The petrol drive pressure machines release carbon monoxide when you use it for cleaning projects.  Carbon monoxide is injurious, and you have to operate this machine for outdoor and is considered ideal for patios and driveways. The diesel drive pressure washer works almost the same as the petrol drive pressure washer does. These machines work for the same purpose but they are costly, noisy and produce much power as compared to drive pressure washer.

Similarly, the single phase electric pressure washer is light in weight and is considered most ideal machine for household jobs. These machines are compact and do not produce stressful noise. Single phase electric machine is the good solution for tight budgets as come inexpensive. Three phase electric pressure washer delivers as much energy as it is produced by the petrol and diesel driven pressure machines. These machines serve you appropriately and have the good capacity to do the cleaning task.

The electric pressure washer which is named as Sun Joe SPX3000 delivers different cleaning tasks including buildings, houses, trucks, bikes, boats, driveways, patios, lawn tools, decks and many more. It comes with a 35ft power cord and has a detergent selection feature. It is driven by powerful motor that rates at 1800 watt and 14.5 ampere. It also consists of garden hose adapter to work effectively.

The electric driven pressure washer that is known as AR383 is designed for your home, office or business use. It comes with a 30ft power cord and has a hose reel for 20 ft hose and a hand crank to keep the hose in order and organized. It also consists of water filter that is sufficient to enhance the efficiency of machine and has a lance that has foam dispenser.

The Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot pressure washer is specifically designed for shop and home use.  It is ideal for those people who want maximum output at a minimum input.  It has 10 pneumatic tires for easy movement in all types of land and has a safety locking system. It works best for patios, house sidings, decks, outdoor furniture and many more. It has a downstream detergent release for effective cleaning.

IOS 1 to IOS 8

IOS 1: Though it was never officially recognized as an IOS, IOS is still considered to be the first in the series of iPhone OS. Firs iPhone was announced in 2007 by the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. It was the mobile version of the Mac OS that allowed users to multi-touch gestures, pinch and zoom and many other capabilities. It also allowed users to drag and drop app icons to their personalized home screen.

IOS 2: I Phone OS was officially recognized by the company in 2008 and it was given the name of IOS or iPhone OS. This version of OS came with the new packages like App store and built-in GPS and maps app.

IOS 3: IOS 3 came pre-installed in iPhone 3G and 3s phones and contain many new features like voice searching, multi-media messaging, landscape keyboard layout and cut, copy and paste feature. This update in iPhone OS was available for free to the previous I Phone users, but I Pod and I Pad users had to pay a meager sum of 10 dollars to get this update.

IOS 4: Officially marketed as IOS for the first time, IOS 4 came pre-installed with IOS 4 and I Pad 2, there were many new features installed in this IOS like many new wallpapers, multitasking feature, I Books app, face time and folder apps. I Phone 4 was also the first CDMA capable phone.

IOS 5: IOS 5 came pre-installed with the iPhone 4s phones that included many useful and new features like, introduced sire AI app for the first time, including new apps like notification centers, reminders, newsstands and I Message, this OS also included I Cloud and Twitter integration services. The main feature of IOS 5 is users can get free over the air updates. This IOS was released a week after the death of the CEO of APPLE, Steve Jobs.

IOS 6: IOS 6 came pre-installed with the iPhone 5 that had many new apps and features like passbook and Facebook integration and LTE support, but it also excluded some previous features like YouTube and Google maps app. The IOS users who were very fond of these 2 apps had to download it again from the app store. APPLE made it up for the whole situation by adding there stock Maps app that gave turn by turn navigation.

IOS 7: this new IOS is designed by chief designing officer of APPLE Jonathan Ive, he did a new overhaul in the entire design of the IOS. This IOS includes many new features like redefined typography, new icons and layers shape. Some new apps also come pre-installed like control center, air drop, I Tunes, car play and revamped Photos app.

IOS 8: IOS 8 was the first IOS that was available to general public for beta-testing purposes. It is basically the redefined version of IOS 7 that includes many new apps and features like Apple play, Health app, ifile download, Quick type , family sharing, I Cloud driving and many more. This IOS came pre-installed in iPhone 6, 6 plus and I Pad air 2.

A Man with the Most Record in the World

Record Breaker: Ashrita Furman

Age: 60

Ashrita Furman has broken about 600 records but a few things that keep him going in breaking more and more records. Some of the records are as follows which helps him in breaking more records.

Pogo Stick Jumping up Mount Fuji was among his favorite records and it was impulsive. He was in Japan on holidays and he suddenly decided to send for his pogo stick. He did not get time to practice properly but he made through it and set a record of 11.5 miles and it was a quite beautiful place to live and breathtaking.

Working in a Health Food Job was his passion and he was wishing to work over there. He used to break records in his leisure time and the funniest record of Ashrita Furman was racing in a sack. He had an idea of going to Mongolia and he then went to yak farm. The toughest of all was to going forward for about 12.25 miles and he did not stop to throw up. It was also a difficult task to do.

Jumping Jacks was a record broken in 1979 and it was his first record. He was only 24 years old when he had a record breaking record was 20, 000. He was not an athlete. He was of the view that he can only make 50 but then he found him meditated and he could not do it much about his records but he went through it all.

Unable to Perform Tasks was going through his mind. He thought his mind was changing things constantly and he said that it gave up but his mind was confusing him. He then made his mind quiet and thought about certain things and came to a conclusion that he can do this if he tries to. He then made a record of 27, 000 jumps in a row. He broke the previous record by jumping jacks in 5 hours.

Choose what you Love will help you in practicing it because if you love it then you will love to practice it. He has never done anything easy to make records. He has done many difficult tasks and this time he practiced to walk with a bottle full of milk over his head in the whole world. At few places, people ignored it for replacing them with the golf balls over the head.

Don’t Give Up ever because if anyone has done anything better from you then make it happen by you. Make efforts for this task and do not believe in that you cannot do it because if there is a will then you can make that happen.